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Please, G-d, Bring an End to the War in Israel

Folks, I have to admit it.

I’m having a really hard time keeping myself together.

The war has brought me face-to-face with two emotions I have extreme difficulty dealing with- deep rage and overwhelming sadness.

I’m doing my best to make sense of things, stay strong, and get through the day.

Sometimes, I manage.

And other times, like today, I fail miserably, and the tears stream down my cheeks as if they have a life of their own.

As a religious woman, I realize that I am unable to see the entire picture and have faith that, in the end, G-d will ensure things work out for the best.

Cognitively, this makes sense- but emotionally, there are times when it’s unbearable.

I feel the rage burning through my soul at so many people:

The evil subhuman beings who carried out the brutal massacres and kidnappings.

Our government, because they enabled Hamas to gain the power that it did and didn’t heed the intelligence to prevent the atrocities.

The international organizations and governments that support terrorist organizations and propagate their lies and evil agendas.

And the ignorant and Jew-hating people who chose to justify the crimes and atrocities that have been committed against our nation.

It’s overwhelming.

And I am sad, so deeply sad, for so many reasons.

For every life lost,
every family that was torn apart,
and all of the broken and displaced people of our nation.

For our brothers and sisters overseas who are suffering and afraid.

And for all of the grieving and hurting souls
who have lost their friends and families, homes, and dreams.

There is so much to rebuild.
And who knows how much longer this will go on
and how many more losses we will have to bear.

Please, G-d, put an end to this evil.

Our soldiers and citizens will do our best to help.
There are many heroes among us.
And we are all fighting in our own way.

But this is in Your hands. Only You have the power to make it truly end.

Please, G-d, have mercy on us. Redeem our nation.

End all of the wars and bring about the Geula.

We can’t bear it anymore.

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Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry is a graduate of Hampshire College and has an extensive background in education, writing, and marketing. She has been exploring the world of autism and neurodiversity for over thirty-five years. 

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