Autism Unmasked Podcast- “Both Sides of the Spectrum”

Tune in to listen to Episode 7 of Nicky Collins’ “Autism Unmasked” podcast, where Nicky and I discuss autism, sensory processing, visual processing (dyslexia and Irlen syndrome), ADHD, education, ABA, and more. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Shana Tova (Happy Jewish New Year!)

B”HWishing everyone who celebrates a Shana Tova filled with health, happiness, mitzvot, deep inner satisfaction and joy, prosperity, and the ability to impact the world positively. May you all be blessed with the positive things you dream of, l’tova! Jacki

Bridging the Communication Divide

In this age of digital connectedness, many people feel isolated and alone. The ability to connect with everyone, everywhere, is commonplace. Despite this, deep communication has become a challenge, particularly between parents and teens. The success or failure of any interaction depends on many different factors. Some of these include the personality, culture, sense of […]

Understanding and Supporting Our Neurodivergent Students- Overthrowing Education Podcast

Tune in and listen to this engaging discussion between Batsheva Frankel and me on her “Overthrowing Education” podcast! If you would like to learn more about how to understand and support neurodivergent students (diagnosed with autism, ADHD, sensory and auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, and Irlen syndrome), this podcast is for you! In addition, I’m sure […]

The Beauty of Learning and Sensemaking- Review from “Jewish Book World”

BY GABOR POR · JUNE 30, 2022 Thoughts on “Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery, and Faith” by Jacki Edry “I have been blessed with the ability to learn and experience new and beautiful things every day.” I did not just find this sentence- from the 81st page of Jacki Edry’s book- beautiful but also inspirational. […]

Educational policymakers and educators- please consider this!

back to JACKI’S  BLOG THOUGHTS Educational policymakers and educators- please consider this!   MANY KIDS ARE HAVING A HARD TIME IN SCHOOL, AND WE NEED TO HELP!   If you are an educational policymaker or educator in general, please keep in mind the following points:   You are responsible for ensuring every child’s educational, social, […]

Thoughts about recent world events

back to JACKI’S  BLOG THOUGHTS Thoughts about recent world events The recent terror events in Israel and the overall situation around the world have affected me greatly, and I feel quite distressed. So I apologize, but I feel the need to leave the professional realm and share some of my thoughts. I might be mistaken, […]