“Embracing Acquired Neurodivergence” Presentation by Jacki Edry at CASY Cultural Autism Studies at Yale University

CASY cultural autism studies presentation by Jacki Edry

On January 4th, I had the immense pleasure of sharing my presentation, “Embracing Acquired Neurodivergence,” with the CASY Cultural Autism Studies Online Speaker Series. CASY is the Ethnography Project led by Dr. Dawn Prince-Hughes at Yale University. My presentation dived into my journey with acquired neurodivergence and challenges with sensory processing as a brain surgery […]

Mishpacha Magazine, Family First feature article about Jacki Edry- “Into Their Heads”

mishpacha logo

I’m delighted, excited, grateful, and highly honored to share with you that the incredible Barbara Bensoussan wrote an excellent article about me, my book, and my work as a neurodiversity advocate called “Into Their Heads,” now featured in the Family First section of the widely circulated Jewish Family Weekly Magazine “Mishpacha“! Click here to read […]

Please, G-d, Bring an End to the War in Israel

two hands holding silhouettes of a broken heart underneath a partly cloudy sky

Folks, I have to admit it. I’m having a really hard time keeping myself together. The war has brought me face-to-face with two emotions I have extreme difficulty dealing with- deep rage and overwhelming sadness. I’m doing my best to make sense of things, stay strong, and get through the day. Sometimes, I manage. And […]

Interview on the ND & Me Podcast

logo of ND & Me podcast

Many thanks to Richard Peachey for welcoming me as a guest on his podcast “ND & ME.” Tune in to hear our conversation about neurodiversity, sensory processing, education, ADHD, autism, and more. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Let’s Talk about Jewish Identity

book cover of "Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery, and Faith

In these challenging times, Judaism, Jewish identity, and the right of the State of Israel to exist have become topics of interest. A few years ago, I published my first book “Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery, and Faith,” and in one of the chapters (p. 82), I discussed what led me to […]

Hug Someone You Love

people hugging

Hug someone you love Turn off all of the noise Slowly close your eyes And sink into their arms. Hug someone you love Let yourself feel something more Then rage, uncertainty Numbness and fear. Hug someone you love Because safe inside their arms You won’t need to fear That if you feel, you’ll fall apart. […]

Thoughts about the War in Israel

Israeli flag

I have had a very difficult few days, between paying a Shiva call (visiting the home of someone whose loved one passed away) at the home of a family member whose son was murdered trying to rescue people from the massacre in Israel and hearing firsthand the stories of the bloodbath that occurred there, and […]

The Joys of an Inclusive Sukkot

Jewish Disability Inclusion Network logo

Sukkot is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. It has many special halachot (Jewish laws and rituals) that symbolize the unity of Am Israel (the people and nation of Israel) and the need to love and accept one another. In today’s trying times, these messages of unity, inclusion, and belonging are more critical than ever. […]

Shana Tova! Happy Jewish New Year

shana tova, happy Jewish New Year! Jacki Edry

For all of you who celebrate the Jewish New Year, Shana Tova! I wish you all Shalom, health, happiness, wealth, and success. May HaShem fulfill all of your wishes l’tova! And may He bring peace and caring to the world! Many blessings, Jacki

Is “Stimming” Okay?

A sudden thought just popped into my head, so I thought I’d share it with you. Sometimes I catch myself doing things, and only in the midst of them, I realize that if I was a person who was observing me, they would likely think I was behaving in a highly atypical manner. It’s Friday […]