Recognition as one of the Top 50 Global Neurodiversity Evangelists 2023

photo of Jacki Edry chosen as top 50 Neurodiversity Evangelists Global 2023

Recognized by ND by Design, powered by Dynamis Group What an honor!!! Many thanks to Theo Smith from ND by Design, powered by Dynamis, for honoring me alongside an incredible group of influencers and change makers! No words can adequately describe how grateful I am! When I awoke after major brain surgery about ten years […]

This week’s sensory adventure: VESTIBULAR HAVOC!

After a relatively calm period of somewhat regulated senses, I must admit I’ve had some unusual sensory experiences recently. This sentence from my book “Moving Forward: Reflection on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery, and Faith” describes yesterday’s brain antics perfectly: “I now realize I have no need to go to amusement parks anymore…I have one inside […]

Drowning in a Sensory Meltdown

To everyone living with or working with neurodivergent individuals, I feel the need to share this personal experience of how a sensory meltdown feels (for me). Please learn from it. As I write this, my hands are shaking, I’m unable to speak, and tears are streaming down my cheeks. Why? It may be hard to […]

The Light of Chanukah

It’s the darkest time of the yearwhen I often feel engulfedin a dulling heavinessthat seeps into my souland drains my vitality and motivation. Somehow, I keep finding myself reveling in the pain and great sorrows of the worldand I am faced with the deep concernthat somehow,evil is beginning to triumph over good. But today,just when I felt […]

Ode to a Cloudy Day

Today was the kind of day where I could feel the dark grey clouds covering the sky slowly seep through my pores and envelope my heart. Nothing in particular, yet somehow, everything caused me to feel the darkness descend upon me. I have days like this when I feel the pain of the world overcome […]

Interview on the Aucademy Podcast

I’m really excited to share this fascinating and informative conversation Katie Munday, MRes of Aucademy – Education for everyone on Autistic experience, about my book, autism, aba, ADHD, Irlen syndrome, sensory and auditory processing, education, neurodiversity, publishing, and more. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Click here to dive in!

Happy Sukkot!

B”H One of the most important mitzvot on Sukkot is “Samachta B’hagaycha” (be happy on the holiday.) So, I’d like to wish all of you who celebrate a truly happy Sukkot, filled with love, deep learning, health, and pure inner joy. May you all have the pleasure of celebrating with the people you love, and […]

Autism Unmasked Podcast- “Both Sides of the Spectrum”

Tune in to listen to Episode 7 of Nicky Collins’ “Autism Unmasked” podcast, where Nicky and I discuss autism, sensory processing, visual processing (dyslexia and Irlen syndrome), ADHD, education, ABA, and more. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Shana Tova (Happy Jewish New Year!)

B”HWishing everyone who celebrates a Shana Tova filled with health, happiness, mitzvot, deep inner satisfaction and joy, prosperity, and the ability to impact the world positively. May you all be blessed with the positive things you dream of, l’tova! Jacki