Is “Stimming” Okay?

A sudden thought just popped into my head, so I thought I’d share it with you. Sometimes I catch myself doing things, and only in the midst of them, I realize that if I was a person who was observing me, they would likely think I was behaving in a highly atypical manner. It’s Friday […]

Our Journey with Low-Gain Hearing Aids (LGHAs), Autism, and APD

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Progress update two months after my son began his trial LGHAs About a month ago, I shared a post about my son’s new low-gain hearing aids. He is 26, autistic, and has a severe APD (auditory processing disorder). I mentioned that he has limited verbal abilities and that we had been searching for many years […]

Jacki Edry Speaks about Neurodiversity on ASPIKA TV

I invite you to tune in to ASPIKA TV and hear me speak from my heart about neurodiversity and neurodivergence, my thoughts about having a positive growth mindset, and tips and suggestions to make life simpler for neurodivergent individuals! I can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks again to Rita Hernandez and the team at ASPIKA for this incredible opportunity!

Let’s Talk about Mental Health and Sadness

I’d like to talk a little about mental health- or rather, my mental health. I’ve been struggling a bit lately, trying to avoid becoming engulfed by an overwhelming sense of sadness. I try to avoid sinking into the sadness that feels like a dense black cloud is penetrating my soul. I have realized that for […]

Announcing: A Journey into the World of Neurodiversity Presentation and Discussion with Jacki Edry

Are you interested in learning about neurodivergence, including autism, ADHD, Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorder, dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, and more? Are you curious about the relationship between sensory processing and neurodiversity?  If so, I am excited to announce my latest presentation/discussion, “A Journey into the World of Neurodiversity!” Some of the topics I cover are: Please reach out […]

Book Review by Aspika

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Aspika – Celebrates We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate the remarkable literary achievement of “Moving Forward” by the talented  Jacki Edry. It is with great pride and excitement that we come together to honor this incredible work that has touched the hearts and minds of the ASPIKA community. “Moving Forward” is an extraordinary tale that takes us on […]