Welcome to Jacki’s Blog!  I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and insights regarding neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, Auditory and Sensory Processing Syndrome, dyslexia, Irlen syndrome), parenting, education, inclusion, healing, faith, and more! I hope you will find them enlightening and inspiring, and looking forward to reading your feedback! Best wishes, Jacki

Mindset and Mistakes- Lessons from LEGO

An enlightening discussion with my son who discovered through building LEGO that, more often than not, “mistakes” turn out to be excellent opportunities for growth, opportunity, learning, and discovery.

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Who Owns the Puzzle Piece?

back to JACKI’S  BLOG THOUGHTS Who Owns the Puzzle Piece? A few months ago, I excitedly announced the publication of my first book “Moving Forward: Reflections

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Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry is a graduate of Hampshire College and has an extensive background in education, writing, and marketing. She has been exploring the world of autism and neurodiversity for over thirty-five years. 

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Moving Forward  is a journey between the worlds of autism, neurodiversity, brain surgery recovery, and faith. It provides a rare glimpse into how sensory and neurological processing affect functioning and thought, through the eyes of a professional, parent, and woman who has experienced them firsthand.

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