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The Light of Chanukah

It’s the darkest time of the year
when I often feel engulfed
in a dulling heaviness
that seeps into my soul
and drains my vitality and motivation.

Somehow, I keep finding myself reveling in the pain 
and great sorrows of the world
and I am faced with the deep concern
that somehow,
evil is beginning to triumph over good.

But today,
just when I felt as if I had reached the edge
of my breaking point
and the Yetzer HaRa tried to convince me
to question
whether HaShem will enlighten the world-
We gathered together to light the Chanukiah.

The first candle always appears
as a small and lonely flame
gently burning through the darkness. 

But I know it’s just a faint glimmer
of the light to come.

By the end of eight days,
there will be eight flames dispersing light
and the darkness will begin to lift
from my heart.

The miracles and beauty of Chanukah 
always serve
as much-needed reminders
of better times to come.

And I must do my best
to gracefully await
the upcoming days of love and peace 
so needed in this world.

Days when people will care for one another
and rejoice
in the beauty of all living things.

Days when G-d’s light will fill the world
and evil and hate
will no longer reign.

Let us all join together and pray
for a kinder world,
where the light of Chanukah
will shine down upon us
and fill the world
with grace and love.

Chanukah Sameach! Jacki

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Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry

Jacki Edry is a graduate of Hampshire College and has an extensive background in education, writing, and marketing. She has been exploring the world of autism and neurodiversity for over thirty-five years. 

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